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Lycée/Collège International Ferney-Voltaire Site web : Email :      Tel. :         33 (0) 4 50 40 82 66 Adresse : Avenue des Sports
01210  Ferney-Voltaire

La version en français sera publiée prochainement: The English National Program forms an integral part of this French international state lycée (ages 11-18), which is situated on the French/Swiss border, 15 minutes bay car from the center of Geneva. The program caters for mother-tongue or strong second language English speakers. Children newly arrived in France receive extra tuition in French and math through the French school. 6-8 hours per week of tuition are offered in English by English mother-tongue teachers in certain subjects: English language and literature, mathematics, and history-geography. British GCSEs are prepared in English and English literature and in mathematics. Both the international option of the brevet and the baccalauréat are prepared by students choosing this option (OIB), which is a proof of academic bilingualism. The majority of students from the program go on to attend the highest-ranking British Universities. Classes for primary children, which closely follow the British national curriculum, are held for 3 hours per week on Tuesday afternoons.

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Education & Echanges >> Echanges scolaires & Ecoles >> Ecoles anglophones & OIB américain
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