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from September 1st, 2010 - Sciences Po College - Euro-american Campus in Reims launched in September 2010
Author : Sciences Po

Sciences Po - Collège Universitaire de Sciences Po - Euro-American campus in Reims
L'Institut d'Études Politiques de Paris, known as Sciences Po, is one of France's elite institutions of higher learning in the political sciences. Approximately 40 percent of its 8,600 students are from international backgrounds, offering a unique multicultural approach to education. Beginning in September 2010, the university will launch a new regional campus in Reims, France, to focus on its renowned expertise in transatlantic relations. The new site will offer a three-year bachelor program with most courses taught in English and the option of enrolling in a French Language Certificate. If the bilingual environment were not enough, students are further exposed to cultural diversity by participating in an obligatory study abroad program in their third year at one of Sciences Po’s 350 partner universities around the world. Sciences Po has revolutionized its credential system by awarding Reims graduates a Bachelor of Arts degree that will be recognized on both sides of the Atlantic, giving students a wide range of cross-cultural training and access to employment opportunities.

Internationally renowned for its multi-disciplinary education in social sciences, including economy, sociology, law, political science, and history, Sciences Po was founded in 1872 and has since risen to its place as a member of France's grandes écoles, a group of institutions sometimes likened to the Ivy League. Each year, the university welcomes more North American students than any other post-secondary educational institution in France, dispersed among its six other campuses in Le Havre, Poitier, Dijon, Menton, Nancy, and the flagship campus in Paris. While Paris offers a more generalized course of study, the campuses throughout the country offer specific concentrations such as Franco-German studies in Nancy, Asian studies in Le Havre, and Mediterranean and Middle Eastern studies in Menton.

For more information on the Reims program, please visit:
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