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Propeller Club of Paris Website : Email :      Address : C/o CMA CGM - 22, quai Gallieni
92158  Suresnes
Address : SNCF Fret - 34, rue du Commandant Mouchotte
75699  Paris

Founded in 1927, the Propeller Cub located in New York currently has more than 15,000 active members in hundreds of ports around the world. Its goals are to do the following: defend and promote the activities of the Merchant Marine, bring actors shipping, and promote exchanges and cooperation. Today, the Propeller Club is deployed around the world and has an increasing international profile. The non-American clubs that represent nearly a quarter of the total are divided under different International ports. The Paris Club, founded in 1973, has over 100 members primarily engaged in areas directly related to shipping. Such members include shipowners, shipping agents, freight forwarders, shipping agents, Port Authority officers, Chamber of Commerce personnel, and Industry officials as well as leader persons of industry, law, the financial sector, and fields transportation. Its headquarters is located in the Circle of the Sea. Members of the Club and their guests will meet monthly for lunch to listen to a speaker who discusses a current issue related to maritime activities.

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Politics & Economy >> Economics & Trade
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Chômage, double dip, dette et déficit: une conjoncture américaine préoccupante Wednesday, July 6th, 2011 - 8.30 a.m.
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