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Université de Cergy-Pontoise CICC : Civilisations et identités culturelles comparées des sociétés européennes et occidentales Website : Email :      Phone :         33 (0) 1 34 25 60 54 Address : U.F.R. de Langues 33, boulevard du Port
95011   Cergy-Pontoise Cedex

The research center gathers together the teachers and research workers from the four Departments centered on English, German, Iberian and Latin-American studies but also teachers and research workers from the History department, the Literature and Human Sciences UFR, all working on multi-disciplinary research activities.

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Education & Exchanges
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Education & Exchanges
Lectures - French Association for American Studies
 - This asssociation aims to establish regular contacts between specialists in North-American studies... >>>
Information sessions on The American University of Paris May and June 2011
The American University of Paris  - The American University of Paris organizes information sessions and visits of the campus. >>>
Flame'11 - France Los Angeles Media Exchange Deadline for applications: mid-June 2011
 - Apply for an exchange program between Paris and Los-Angeles. France-Los Angeles Media Exchange is a multi-faceted partnership exchange program that opens up Franco-American cross-cultural dialogue while creating a wonderful opportunity for young talents in the digital arts to build transatlantic ties with leading companies in LA, French partners and the U.S. Embassy in Paris. >>>
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