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Institut de la Tour Email :      Tel. :         33 (0) 1 45 04 73 35 Adresse : 86, rue de la Tour
75116  Paris

La version en français sera publiée prochainement: A private co-educational Catholic junior high-high school under contract with the French national system of education, with a traditional program of study leading to the baccalauréat series ES, L and S. The Anglophone Section, created in 1989, is a selective honors curriculum of study for students with bilingual abilities. It aims to maintain and develop skills of oral and written expression through coursework in British history and geography, American history and geography, art history, problems of contemporary society in Great Britain and in the U.S., masterpieces in literature, and grammar practice. Extra-curricular activities in English include Harvard Model Congress Europe, Theater, Yearbook, newspaper ''The Tower Times'', literary magazine ''The Independent Eye‿. At the lycée level, in addition to advising families on planning for “cours préparatoires‿ and universities in France, the Anglophone Section college guidance service counsels students on the options of post-bac study in the U.K., U.S. and Canada. For primary school children ages 7-11, the Anglophone Section offers activity-based language workshops in English (music, sports, theater, art, yoga) as well as courses in reading and vocabulary building, grammar and writing, geography or science Wednesday afternoons at beginner, intermediate and advanced levels. Also, on Wednesdays, the Anglophone Section directs Step One, a nursery school for mother tongue English speakers ages 4,5 and 6. All secondary school and primary school offerings are led by a faculty of native speakers from North America, Great Britain and Ireland. Flexible programming and small class sizes – average of 15 students per class – allow for structured attention to individual needs.

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Education & Echanges >> Echanges scolaires & Ecoles >> Ecoles anglophones & OIB américain
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