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Fondation de France - Friends of Fondation de France Website : Phone :         33 (0) 1 44 21 31 00 Address : 40, avenue Hoche
75008  Paris

The Fondation de France was established in 1969 to encourage the growth of all forms of private philanthropy. Their role as an intermediary partner is to help individuals and companies who wish to make an act of generosity do so in the way that best responds to the needs of society. The Fondation de France contributes to the development of philanthropy by enabling individuals or companies to create their own foundation under its aegis, and to benefit from its advice on management. The Fondation de France sets up action programs in many fields: solidarity, the elderly or disabled, and for the benefit of children. Its areas of action also cover health, medical and scientific research, culture and the environment. The Friends of Fondation de France, Inc. (FFDF) is a public charity in the United States. Its purpose is to support the work of France’s largest grant-making charity, the Fondation de France, and its thousands of grantee organizations. Friends of Fondation de France helps American individuals, foundations and corporations donate to French charities active in social services, education, health and medical research, culture, sciences and the environment.

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