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Bordeaux international campus (BIC) Phone :         33 (0) 5 56 12 40 53 Address : 83-97 Avenue Bon Air
33700  Mérignac

The Bissy Campus is located on a 10-hectare area of woodlands and vineyards in Bordeaux. It includes five higher education schools and the French Language Centre. The teaching staff at the centre personally monitor every student's progress and are renowned for their high standard of teaching.

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Lectures - French Association for American Studies
 - This asssociation aims to establish regular contacts between specialists in North-American studies... >>>
11th International F. Scott Fitzgerald Conference in Lyon from Monday, July 4th to Saturday, July 9th, 2011
F. Scott Fitzgerald Society, University of Lyon 3 - Lyon 3 University and its downtown campus will host the conference, with a full-day (academic sessions, a visit to the museum, film showings) planned at the “Institut Lumière”, home of Auguste and Louis Lumière, who shot the first film there. >>>
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