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United Way Tocqueville France Website : Email :      Phone :         33 (0) 1 73 70 22 24 Address : 34, avenue de New York
75116  Paris

United Way Tocqueville (UWT) was created in France, as a not-for-profit organization (“association loi 1901”), and part of the largest private charitable organization of the world: United Way Worldwide.
UWT’s ambition is to create a social dynamics, gathering the economic, political and social leaders in order to initiate collective community efforts and to build locally liable communities that would respond to everyone needs and especially the more vulnerable ones. To take up the challenge, United Way Tocqueville works at :
• Increasing awareness of the individuals and firms
• Accompanying the associations in their social initiatives development and help them obtain their autonomy
• Mobilizing the volunteers will and seeking donations for the social actors to gain means of action
• Gathering leaders from different areas (associations, firms, individuals, donators, state representatives….) around innovative social projects.

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