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The ACF philanthropy directory lists foundations and “friends of” associations with a strong track record of support for Franco-American projects.

American philanthropists have a distinguished history of generosity towards France, rooted in our shared history and deep affection.  Donors have been most active in supporting heritage projects such as the restoration of Mont-Saint Michel; Versailles; the Arc de Triomphe; and hundreds of other sites throughout France.

American foundations remain active in France today; for example, the Terra Foundation, Mona Bismarck Foundation, and Florence Gould Foundation each play a valuable role in the arts. Corporate foundations are also active in a wide range of fields. French tax law in recent years has gone through significant changes in order to stimulate giving. This sector is growing rapidly in France, providing new opportunities for grant seekers.

In addition to foundations, French donors form “friends of” associations linked to cultural institutions such as The Louvre, following French rules for charitable donations. In tandem, Americans form “American Friends of” associations, allowing U.S. tax deductions for donations to cultural institutions in France. The American Center France directory is not comprehensive. 

To learn more about American foundations, The Foundation Center offers an excellent online directory at

For information about French foundations, a good first stop is Le Centre Français des Fondations at
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