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Tuesday, June 7th, 2011 - 7.30 p.m. - A night at the movies with Judith Merians
Author : The American Library in Paris

The American Library in Paris - 10 rue du Général Camou - 75007 Paris
How does story telling in words differ creatively from story telling in films? A Night at the Movies will compare excerpts from books and plays with scenes from the film versions of the literary works. Each spring and each autumn scenes from a different and popular book/play and its film version will be featured and each selection will exemplify a different aspect of filmic story telling. Judith Merians will explain why films require their own creative conventions and how filmmakers employ visual and aural techniques to enhance and deepen the tale with as few words as possible. And to add to the enjoyment Judith will fill you in on some of the behind-the-scenes history of the evening's film.

Following are the films we'll explore in spring:
Tuesday 17 May - A Streetcar Named Desire
A Streetcar Named Desire
, the 1948 Pulitzer Prize winning play written by Tennessee Williams, shocked audiences and critics when the film based thereon was released in 1951. Nevertheless, no performance had more influence on modern film acting styles than Marlon Brando's work as Stanley Kowalski. How did Tennessee Williams' rough, smelly, sexually charged hero gain the empathy of the audience as he stalked and destroyed the pretentious, fading southern beauty Blanche DuBois. It is all in the direction, the writing, and the performances, of course. And P.S. if you own a T-shirt it's grace a Brando.

Tuesday 14 June - Psycho
Find out how Alfred Hitchcock, the master of suspense,manipulated the emotions of the audience and created a voyeuristic experience for the viewers. The 1960 film Psycho is considered one of Hitchcock's best films in which he created unforgettable characters and scenes. Are you still afraid to take a shower when you're home alone? Blame Hitchcock.

This series will meet twice in the spring. No RSVP required, just drop on in and join us for a Night at the Movies.

About Judith Merians
Judith Merians has been an entertainment attorney and business executive for the Hollywood Studios and independent production companies for 27 years. She has taught the business, finance, and legal aspects of filmmaking at the University of California Los Angeles Extension Film School for 12 years and in film schools around the world and has spoken at many film conferences including the Cannes Film Festival and the American Film Market seminars. She is currently a consultant to independent filmmakers and film school professor.

For more information:

Read the article on the history of The American Library in Paris.

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