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Sweet, buttery and irresistible: that’s pâtisserie, that’s Amanderie – the art of California Almonds. The term “Amanderie™” derives from the French words amande (almond) and pâtisserie (pastry), and describes the discipline of innovating classic almond applications in bakery, pâtisserie and artisanal chocolate.
Almond Board of California | Porter Novelli Germany
This concept was launched at the World Pastry Cup which ran from January 25 – 26 2009 as part of the SIRHA (the International Hotel Catering and Food Trade Exhibition, attended by over 141,000 visitors). It is a live event that was sponsored by the Almond Board of California for the first time in 2009, and gave some of the most exciting young pâtissiers in the world a chance to bring their wonderful creations to life using California Almonds.

France is the global focal point for pâtisserie arts, with bakers and pastry chefs across the world being trained in French methods and techniques. Almonds have been an important part of this tradition for hundreds of years and many French pâtisserie recipes would be incomplete without them. More than twenty delicious classics such as; galette des rois, financiers, pralines aux amandes, macarons, require almonds to be complete and truly authentic. Amanderie showcases the tradition of using French methods which continue to inform and inspire chefs around the world.

“To be considered Amanderie, pâtisserie creations must meet well-defined standards, including a strong attention to detail and finish; trend-setting and innovative applications; premium, high-quality results; a commitment to excellence in technique; and the exclusive use of California Almonds,” says Shirley Horn for the Almond Board of California.

Although a variety of ingredients are necessary to create a groundbreaking Amanderie masterpiece, almonds are indispensable. Almonds provide a foundation for other textures and flavours and lend a sense of luxury, as well as a sweet, aromatic floral blossom. This is where California Almonds distinguish themselves from other ingredients with more than 80 percent of the world’s supply of almonds grown in the Golden State.

Almonds are available in many varieties, sizes and forms: sliced, diced, halved, flaked, roasted, slivered, almond butter, almond flour, blanched and – of course – whole natural. This amazing versatility provides the ultimate inspiration. Additionally, it is impossible to ignore the eye-catching colour contrast created when cakes are sprinkled or garnished with such a sophisticated addition, leaving the artistic possibilities endless. The demand for almonds is best defined through world trends in pastry and baking – through Amanderie.

The two outstanding winning almond desserts of the World Pastry Cup 2009 were: “L’Amande-Zonie” and “Envolée du Quétzal”. These two French creations were brilliant examples of classic but original use of almonds in pâtisserie. “The fine base made from powdered California Almonds in the iced fruit dessert underlined the sweetness of the coconut ice-cream and the mango-mandarin sorbet and added outstanding taste and texture,” says Marc Rivière, who created the frozen dessert for the French team.

“We were very proud to be a sponsor of the World Pastry Cup for its 20th anniversary,” explains Shirley Horn, senior director of global marketing and communications. “California Almonds’ versatility, global appeal, flavour and texture make them a perfect ingredient for this one-of-a-kind innovative contest.”

Gabriel Paillasson
, president and founder of the World Pastry Cup, agrees: “Without almonds, French pâtisserie would not produce the delectable works of art it does today. Our partnership with the Almond Board of California pairs the tradition of pastry arts with the most noble of ingredients, the California Almond.” 
To make it possible for pâtisserie enthusiasts to recreate the spirit of the World Pastry Cup at home, the Almond Board of California devised a simplified yet mouth-watering version of the dessert.
© California Almonds 
© California Almonds

© California Almonds 
Almond Raspberry Tart with Almond Cream
© California Almonds  

© California Almonds
California Almond Chocolate Cake with Macaroons
© California Almonds

© California Almonds
California Almond Pate de Fruit
© California Almonds


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Culture & Society >> Cuisine >> American Food in France
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