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France and the U.S. have an extraordinary shared heritage to preserve and to pass on through the generations.
We fought together at America’s founding, stood together in the two World Wars, and continue to stand together today.  We share heroes. We share graveyards and war memorials, historic buildings and philosophical texts. We share a commitment to democracy.

This section of the American Center Paris site presents associations that strive to commemorate past leaders such as Lafayette, Jefferson and Franklin, and to preserve and present our shared history in accessible forms.
Historical museums, monuments, veterans’ associations and other institutions dedicated to keeping Franco-American history alive are classified here on the site.  For example, the American Battle Monuments Commission is presented here, including a list of all U.S. cemeteries and memorials in France.

These listings are not exhaustive. Please be in touch if you have additions or if you would like to contribute an article about a particular aspect of Franco-American heritage.
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© U.S. Embassy in Paris

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