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The Partnership between Biarritz and Augusta
Biarritz and Augusta became sister cities in 1992. Since then, the two cities cooperate in the promotion of tourism and the development of educational and cultural exchanges. 
Town of Biarritz André Labeguerie, Town Councillor in Charge of Foreign Relations

Since 1992 the city of Biarritz, a summer resort located on the Bask coast in the South-western part of France, is the twin city of Augusta, Georgia. Biarritz and Augusta share a focus on golf sport activities, an area of common interest which initiated the process of bringing together the two cities. However, the main goal of the partnership is to work on developing educational, artistic, cultural exchanges as well as to promote tourism.

Another objective was to prioritize the involvement of young people with regard to the exchange programs. Since several years this type of exchange is effectively taking place including many young people who decided to stay with American or French families.

However, the partnership relations have gradually become less intensive, with the exception of the organisation of golf competitions.

Today, we are mostly working to find host families to welcome young scholars and students who are ready to discover a different cultural, human and geographical environment while improving their foreign language skills.

In the meantime, preparations for a photography exhibition in Augusta next year are in progress.

© Mairie de Biarritz 
© Mairie de Biarritz


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Education & Exchanges >> Sister cities
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